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The first steps to achieving your financial dreams begins with increasing your knowledge. Learn from down to earth Australians how they created their Extraordinary Success in Wealth, Health & Happiness.

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"Being a coach I understand the importance of having someone guide you through uncharted territory, challenging you, while at the same time guiding you on a journey to achieving goals you never thought possible. This book is an excellent resource where you have access

to 16 expert coaches at your fingertips sharing their success tips and how they help others to follow the path of their dreams. I love The Millionaire books because they are full of inspiring stories of ordinary people achieving extraordinary results. Opening your mind to new possibilities for yourself, creating new behaviours, actions and results."


Sophie Trpcevski,

CEO The Goal Spot for women

"What I enjoy about the Millionaire books is being able to read any chapter in any order depending what appeals to me first. Having a busy lifestyle this style of reading is great. I also really enjoy the access to the money  maker gifts at the end of each chapter that give me access to a lot of great content and information that I can use in my business and personal development. Everyone successful says having a coach is a great way to achieve your dreams. I feel I have a 100 coaches at my fingertips thanks to the Millionaire Book series. "


James Crowson,

CEO Team Think

"The Millionaire books are great! I have read five of them and find the content educational and inspiring and the stories help keep me motivated and on track toward my goals. I like knowing the journey others have taken to live their dreams and gain an insight into the steps it takes. Everyone talks about having a coach or a mentor andhere in one book are 16 coaches  sharing their tips and hints that I can implement now.  "


Serena Atkenson

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